February 05, 2004

Sept 9 - Oct 23, 2004; "All the Numbers I Know," Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

With Beth Caspar, Juan-Carlos Castro, Nicholas Evans-Cato, Matthew Deleget, Gilbert Hsiao, Monique Luchetti, Rossana Martinez, Shair Mendelson, Doug Morris, Jenny Perlin, Donna Sharrett, Juana Valdes, and Elizabeth Zawada. Currated by Meridith McNeal who, besides being one of the busiest curators in New York (she moved to Danny Simmons' Rush Philanthropoic organization since this show) is a highly original artist in her own right (see http://www.gallerythe.org/artist/mcneal/mcneal.html). Donna Sharrett's pieces are simutaneously meticulous in their execution and highly emotional and moving in their meaning(http://www.donnasharrett.com/).